VirtaMed Connect

Access your simulator data anywhere at any time with VirtaMed's cloud-based data management system. With connect you can track student progress and design and implement courses to help train the best surgeons of tomorrow.

Check out the links below for answers to the most frequently asked Connect questions.


What is Connect?

Connect is a cloud-based platform which lets you see and manage all of your simulator data in one place, letting you focus on what is really important.


Connect Factsheet

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Getting Ready

Get off to a good start by making sure you are ready for your Connect installation. Click the link below to access the setup requirements sheet.


Setup Requirements

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Log in

Ready to log in to Connect? Click on the button below to be taken to Connect's web-based interface.


Connect Login

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Prior to implementing and using Connect your organization would have received and accepted a copy of our disclaimer outlining how data is gathered, used, and stored. Click here to see a copy of this disclaimer.


Connect Disclaimer

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Quick-start Guide

This Quick-start guide walks you through the steps of logging in, creating and editing users, and working with Groups.


Quick-start Guide

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Administrator's Guide

Have a question that isn't answered by the Quick-Start Guide? The Administrator's Guide which contains detailed step-by-step instructions on how to use the Administrator capabilities as part of Connect. 


Administrator's Guide

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Still have questions?

Contact VirtaMed Support, we are happy to help! 

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